February 15, 2014

Law of Non-Judgment.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


Dear Deepak, I have been re-reading the Seven Spiritual Laws of Success. I love the book and find it a great guide to living life in a more engaged and loving way. My question pertains to the law of non-judgment. I can go into the "gap" when I meditate but I find it extremely difficult to turn off my evaluation/judgment of anything in my daily life. When I realize that I am judging a situation I focus on non-judgment and then my mind becomes focused on whether I am judging or not. It's very frustrating. Any practical advice for going into the gap during daily activities?


When you notice you are judging, don’t try to not be judgmental, simply notice your mental process. And don’t start judging whether you are judging or not(!) Bring your attention to the task at hand and do what has to be done. During daily activity, you won’t have access to the gap the way you do during meditation, so don’t try to be in the gap, it’s enough to notice your thoughts, and then simplify your attention to focus on what you need to do or not do and leave it at that.


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