March 8, 2012

Law of Detachment.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


I find that the Law of Detachment is challenging for me. I understand by letting go of my preconceived ideals of how to reach my intention opens up the field of possibilities, however when I think of detachment I have feeling of giving up the intention. How do I find the balance and grace between believing in the fulfillment of my intention but the ability to simple let go of the process.


The law of detachment is the most challenging of the principles of spiritual growth because you can’t really try to do it or make an effort to be detached. Real non-attachment can’t be faked, it is the natural relationship of your silent witnessing awareness to your mind and the world. Until your inner self is fully established and awakened, one’s self is tied up with your thoughts, feelings and desires. Even if you believe you are letting go of your intention, there is still a lot of subconscious attachment and involvement.

When meditation has cultivated a lasting awakened presence of pure consciousness within, then when you project an intention, you simply revert back to that silent presence of the self. That is what it is to let go of the desire. That inner light of Being is a state of fulfillment and knowingness, so it already contains the fulfillment of the desire you spoke of as necessary to let go of the process.


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  1. The Law of act and Receive

    The Law of act and receive, seems to be the achievement of ones desires. The law states To act upon ones desires draws in opportunites and people from places that amaze you. To act and not sit and wait will bring you closer to attaining your hearts desires. Love, Wealth, Career prospects - create a plan, act on it and go for it. The law of act and receive will reward you for it! It is more powerful than just sitting and waiting.

  2. Kayala2012

    The mastery of detatchment is clearly shown by the permition of the comment above. This racist egoic and completely racionalized comment in a msrketing pint of vew would have benn deleted!!! I acknowledge your wisdom Deepak!! Thanks for enlughting my soul and thoughts!! Kayala

  3. Suzi Folli

    Very profound, a whole Universe is contained in this passage!

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