February 27, 2020
Ask Deepak

Law of Attraction.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


Dear Deepak Hello and thank you I have been searching including your work over 40 years and have arrived at “Law of attraction” And with many evidences I am convinced I have and I am creating my life… However in many of my experiences of manifestation like you said in one of your books “When you want to pick up a glass of water, do everything else like that unattached and…” I thought of something in a second and forgot about it and that thing happened. Like I was in another state in cold weather showing my samples thinking if I can get a salesman I won’t need to travel so much. At night I went to a bar near the hotel(I don’t go to bars) The guy sitting next to me was a salesman came with his friend… He became my agent in Georgia Another time, my condo’s floor was messed up needed $20,000 to fix it I remember I said to myself, it will be good somehow if I can fix this without any money. A few months later the upstairs neighbor flooded my apartment and insurance paid to fix all my floor and hotel and other expenses.. I have many evidences like this without any attachment happening. However for 10 years I was putting “I want to be in a committed relationship” in seminars or being wealthy but it seems when I push it even gets worse Most of the training out there is about affirmations,meditations,visualizations and doing things every day to accomplish your goals I did those goals without any work.. Please help me shed a light. Thanks again.


As the beginning part of your letter relates, you are very successful at manifesting when you have a simple, innocent desire and then forget about it, and let Nature organize the means of fulfilling it. But in your desire for a committed relationship and wealth, your individuality and emotional feeling of lack makes the desire complicated, and hard to detach from. Pushing harder won’t bring you fulfillment because that place of lack can never be satisfied by a person or wealth. First recognize the fullness of your Being in the present moment. This unlimited open creative present awareness that is your true self is always complete, whole and fulfilled. Breathe and step in the gratitude and contentment that is there in your life right now. From this place let your awareness entertain the simple feeling that it would be nice to share your life and love with a suitable someone, or that if you could be of greater service to others if more abundance flowed through your life, that you would be open and grateful for that opportunity. Then forget about those desires and go back to enjoying the life around you. See what unfolds.



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