March 19, 2013

Lack of Enthusiasm.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


How is one to deal with lack of enthusiasm? When the point is not that "I do not know what I want", but that "I do not want anything, I do not find joy in activities, dreams, projects".


Lack of enthusiasm and interest in life, indicates that something is amiss. There is joy, love, beauty, power and knowledge in every moment of life experience. Young children naturally live life with interest and enthusiasm. When boredom, joylessness and jadedness begin to overtake life it usually means that it is masking a history of disappointment, rejection and fear. The mask of disinterest is there to protect one from risking further disappointment and pain. The idea is that if you to want anything and don’t try for anything, then you can’t fail or be hurt. Of course it doesn’t work that way in practice. In actually, such people only burying their pain, not healing it, so they are living a life of inner pain while feigning disinterest. My advice is to ask yourself what you are afraid of. Then ask what would be fun and interesting for you to do if you weren’t afraid of anything bad happening. From that you will discover what your joy in life is as well as what fears you need to release.


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  1. Owl

    What do I fear? Of course my fear is coming up against more of the same as what has happened in the past: more disappointment in others, more failures, more hopelessly giving up, and the shame that accumulates as a result. What is my joy? Self love and compassion, and experiencing success in life. But sometimes success on the physical scale is hard to obtain, and so I need to look at smaller achievements that i am capable of obtaining right now- even if those are inside successes such as more internal peace.

  2. Pete

    I have been Living in my parents basement for the last 4 years, trying to get out. I`m working for a trimmer/carpenter but very unsatisfied with it, not making enough money to move out and pay the child support payments. My self reflection is not balanced with my physical reality(body) I am aware of this but cannot step out of this shell I have created. Tolle was very helpful to me when my marriage ended 9 years ago. I am able to meditate with ease, can even make my toes and fingers tingle thanks to Tolle. I am a business illiterate, and need assistance. I have 3 boys that I need to take care of, they are in need of opportunities in life that I have been neglecting.

  3. Pete

    Mr Chopra, I have a list of things I would like to do and share, but I become discouraged when I try to reach out and my hand is being pushed aside. I trust that the reason I have been drawn to you and all the extremely talented and brilliant people is because this is where I belong. The first step is a difficult one, I think I need a hand rail.

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