September 4, 2012

Lack of Depth.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


I am currently dating someone whom I have been with for about 5 months now. We were friends for about a year before we finally started dating. She has an amazingly pure, if very plain and simple, heart. But because of that lack of depth, I've felt very spiritually disconnected from her and I feel the need to end the relationship. This past summer, her father died, leaving her, her mother and 15 year old sister. (We are 20 and juniors in college). It was obviously a difficult time for her, but she admits that my deeper thinking and contemplation of spiritual matters helped her navigate through that time and is still helping her do so. I feel guilty now and also selfish for wanting to leave her, even though there is technically nothing tangibly wrong about our relationship (especially from her perspective.) How should I handle this situation?


Consider that while you offer your girlfriend a kind of spiritual or intellectual depth, she might be offering you a kind of emotional depth based on the simplicity and purity of her heart. There is a profound wisdom that kind of emotional honesty. That reciprocity of mutual support for each other may be what brought you two together in the first place. If there is a real connection between you two, don’t discard the relationship without thinking about what a valuable gift she might be giving you just through her being who she is.


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  1. cr34t0r

    the main job of the partner who is more identified with unchanging consciousness (masculine) IS to provide depth in the relationships. the Other partner, who is usually identified more with force of life (feminine) will never provide depth in any relationship. the other partner is life, offering unlimited love and living in the moment. you are trying to pull her into your (masculine) domain of space and time and logic. if she does get into it, you will lose attraction for her and there will be no sexual polarity. Either way, this is your thing, not hers. women who are in feminine are usually not too interested in depth, or domain of attention. they just offer love and its your job to provide depth for that love. look up David Deida he can explain it better than I can. at the end you are still very young and there is lots to come ahead!

  2. E=MC2 MinM

    no comment

  3. Rakesh

    In a spiritual setting man needs a woman to arouse the deeper static impressions of his mind. In the same way woman needs a man to deal with peevishness of mind in the spiritual setting. The roles will criss cross in material setting. Since you are looking for challenge in spiritual setting your friend is not sounding impressive.... but the nature which challenges you want you to address the material setting instead. One has to address the inefficiencies of both material i.e. lower and spiritual i.e. to complete the journey of life. Look at the life of Guatam Buddha.

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