May 18, 2021
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Lack of Cheerfulness.


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Hello Deepak, I read your book on Seven spiritual laws of success and got some good insights on Spirituality. I also read “Be here now” by Ramdass, Sutra – (EModernBuddhism). I am inclined to pursue the path of Zen meditation. Although I am eager to know more about life, I have also felt that I have stopped becoming cheerful. I think it’s more of a state of shock for me as I never knew what life is. I feel happy sometimes that I awakened myself at right time but for time being missing cheerful has become a worry. Any suggestions on being happy always? There is a feeling inside me which says that our happiness is with us, but somehow I am not able to convince myself. Thanks.


The permanent happiness that you seek is not achieved by trying to convince yourself that it is there inside you. Nor does abiding inner happiness mean that you are walking around with a fixed grin on your face all the time. It means that you know your true self as pure consciousness and with that there is an unshakable feeling of security, contentment, peace and strength that provides the foundation for all of one’s thoughts and behavior. So the feeling of happiness, cheerfulness and joy is already there within you regardless of what one is doing in their external behavior.

Take up the Zen meditation, and you will become acquainted with this inner source of happiness.



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