September 21, 2012

Knowledge and Enlightenment.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


I have realized that one does not need to have any scientific or eastern knowledge first to gain true enlightenment. Why do some make that transition of alchemy sooner than later and for most – need the knowledge first? We all know it's just a matter of discovering what is already there.


To attain enlightenment we need both direct experience and understanding. But it is important that the experience comes first and the explanation or the knowledge comes afterward. If one accumulates too much intellectual knowledge beforehand, it will skew or bias the innocence of the natural experience of the self. After the experience of Being it is important to stabilize that experience with spiritual understanding that resonates with you. It can be from any wisdom tradition as long as it speaks to the details of your personal experience. Matching the experiences of past spiritual travellers’ experiences to your own experience validates and stabilizes your experiences. This is how it then becomes a functional reality in your everyday life. Spiritual knowledge that isn’t tied directly to one’s immediate experience remains merely theoretical and doesn’t transform life.

When someone becomes enlightened has more to do with the limitations in the depth of their experience, not their knowledge. Enlightenment is seeing what is already there, but to discover what is already there one needs to clean the windows of perception. If the mind and body are refined enough to maintain awareness of pure consciousness at all times, then the knowledge that establishes enlightenment will not be far away.


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  1. Antonio

    That is so true. . Question; Can only humans be enlightened and if so why. Are we born enlightened or do we become enlightened and once enlightened what then? Is this the ultimate goal of all humans?

  2. Youknow

    No one experiences Enlightenment your I is gone, the Self has taken its place. Your I that was in duality seeing everything as a me and you has now became the all in unity, oneness. The small self has merged with the Higher Self. It is not something that adds to your ego or to you personality it takes that away so you are the I of the Self now, you are (if you can even say you are) everywhere and everything in wholeness and Bliss, never ending, never beginning. Who`s running the body taken out the trash making a living, taking care of the kids the five Skandhas or Aggregates. Can you say you are here or there I don`t think so. You are not in the Universe you are it.

  3. IkingUjoshua

    Enlightenment is to be conscious of the divinity within yourself. Living within a state of truth, love, and gratitude is to be consciously aware of our infinite power as co-creators. To see growth opportunities in every experience is to be a truly "realized being". Depression is the temporary ignorance of the infinite potential of one`s willpower. Emotions merely guide us into manipulating our further circumstances of reality to our choosing. Happiness or the lack there of is always a matter of your own perception :-)

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