May 16, 2024
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How can we stop being afraid of the “what-ifs”?.


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“I have a constant fear of the future. 

I fear ‘What if the second person does not obey the business contract’ or ‘What if my business strategies and secrets are leaked” or “what if the party defaults in a payment” (which all seems certain at this time) and finally ‘What if I am not able to support my children and family if my business fails’- ‘Will I be able to pay their school fees’ or ‘Who will take care of them if I die’.

The uncertainty factor (even a glimpse of a negative future) makes me afraid. 

What should I do to become fearless?”


It makes sense to take precautions and have plans in place to mitigate possible setbacks in our health and finances, but that isn’t enough to stop fear of the future.

Fear of the future is the separate self or ego feeling vulnerable because it doesn’t know what will happen and can’t control it. 

But the future is inherently unknowable, so living from the ego’s perspective will always be fearful. 

Fearlessness is the natural state of awareness of the true self. 

It knows it is unlimited and ever-present and therefore cannot be hurt or killed. 

Our true nature, our consciousness, is eternal and complete. 

It is the essence of all existence and so there is nothing separate from it to fear. 

When we experience living in and from this presence of awareness, the uncertainty and unpredictability of life is not a threat or a source of fear. 

Uncertainty becomes a recognition of the creativity and novelty in life.  

Meditation will develop this true self, your fearless self, but if this fear of the future is crippling you, it may help to get some counseling or therapy to help you through the worst of it.



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