March 11, 2022
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Dear Deepak Ji, I am a firm believer of the philosophy of Karma and that conscious actions shape consequences. Lately, I have come across this dilemma that Karma only impacts our next life. What are your views on it? Does Karma impact our present life or does it keep accumulating for the next life? If it does impact our present life, then in what ways? Thanks!



Karma encompasses every type of action and reaction. Whether it is physical, mental, emotional, conscious, or unconscious. It is not simply a set of neatly packaged karma for a specific time period such as the afterlife. Also, the effects of karma are determined by how intense the originating event or experience is and by how free your consciousness is from the binding influence of that action. Whatever karma you generate in the present life will certainly impact you subsequently, and whatever restricting effects of karma you do not resolve or transcend now, will accumulate until a time comes where you can resolve it later.



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