April 8, 2013

Job vs. Passion.


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I'm 30 yr. old male and I followed 21-day meditation program to meditate and already see a lot of difference in my life, attitude, health. However, I'm still not sure how to find the answer to my long old quest of choosing between my job or my passion (which is photography and film-making). I meditate and my mind tells me to relax and just keep devoting all time I can but it's not happening as my job doesn't give me any time and it's hard to quit as my passions cannot pay my bills until I get big and known with it which is also very important. This has been bothering me for long and is the cause for my unhappiness and depression. How shall I go about it, please let me know. Thanks you very much!


The story you have set up in your mind is that you should be passionate about your work and that it should pay you well, and that if that isn’t the case, and you are dissatisfied with your job, then something is wrong. But another way to look at this is to expand your concept of passion to include all of the driving energy of your creative expression in life, not just the pleasant or fun stuff. So that means that even the dissatisfaction in your current job is a passion or spur to find new avenues of creativity. Also, you seem to be overlooking the satisfaction you get out of the financial and social rewards you currently enjoy in your work. That is a passion you have now that you wouldn’t necessarily have in your photography work. Instead of looking at this as a battle between passion and your present life, see how your passion is even now working through your job and life now leading you to greater experience, greater knowledge and greater creative expression.


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  1. Karine Lee

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  2. Laura Berger

    I am soooo with you on how you are feeling. My husband and I had the same thoughts and feelings in our mid-thirties. Now we`re on the other side of the issue and have learned so much about how to push through. Life changes are huge projects and affect a lot of people, but inaction can adversely affect our loved ones even more than moving. Big projects are daunting, and if we let our despair grow enough, we get to the natural point of helplessness, incapable of seeing how or where to start. Again, it`s natural. We went through it, too. Here are some ideas of what is in your control right now: 1 - If you are beating yourself up for not moving(most of us do), you can be proud that you are intuitive enough to recognize the problem. Many of us don`t have this intuition and let everything spin into destructive behaviors. So be proud and put the baseball bat aside. 2 - Making room for finances was mentioned above, but you may also have time you never knew? For a week, write down all the activities you did each day. Then after the week is over, look back and see what repeats over multiple days. Are they all absolutely essential? If not, pull them off the list. Now how much time do you have for your passion? 3 - Realize that there are many daunting things in life that can be broken down into pieces. If a doctor told you you had to lose 20 pounds in a year, that sounds pretty big! But if we take a step back and realize that that`s only half a small fry OR substituting 1 1/2 diet sodas for regular each day, doesn`t it seem easier? The key for us was to stop staring at a monolith and realize change is done in pieces. Then, before you know it, a year or less goes by, and you`re well on your way. Know that you are courageous and may you always view life through a lens of abundance :)

  3. JJ

    Becoming a success in the film industry is like finding a needle in a haystack. Its not a sure thing for financial success as many have experienced in the biz. Many untalented people make it and many very talented people don`t. Many people think they have the talent for the industry and are far from it and their desires are just a pipe dream. (My family is in the industry since the 50`s so I speak with authority from what I have seen over and over again) Your success is dependent upon other people`s opinions of your work. Pray on not how you will get a job in the film industry but WHY you want to. Discover your true motivation for wanting to do what you want to do and you may find that it is a false desire or an authentic one. This is your first step to making your decision. How do you know if your desire is false or authentic? Its either Ego based or Soul based... Is it your ego that wants this?.. Ego loves to impress others or appear better than or want attention & rewards for one`s efforts.... Or... Is it your soul that wants this?..Soul loves not to impress but to express itself. If one does not get paid for his efforts, rewarded or attention from it the soul does not care. The soul is just happy doing what it truly wants to do. Don`t quit your day job for this industry please until you know your true desire. The soul can also find fulfillment by doing what you love to do as a hobby not a vocation. People always say do what you love for your work but often it can also kill what you love because you have done it in so much excess that it makes what was a novelty into the mundane and ordinary... In your meditation future pace and see the Karmic repercussions of your choice before you make it. If you meditate on it and you get no direction or response to what you are posing to God to help you with then usually the answer is NO. When life starts to flow with ease and you begin to become a magnet attracting in all that is required to manifest your true desires then you know your prayer has been answered with a resounding YES! Be still and know. God be with you!

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