November 15, 2021
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Job vs. Passion.


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Hi Deepak! I’m 30 yr. old male and I followed 21-day meditation program to meditate and already see a lot of differences in my life, attitude, health. However, I’m still not sure how to find the answer to my long old quest of choosing between my job or my passion (which is photography and film-making). I meditate and my mind tells me to relax and just keep devoting all time I can but it’s not happening as my job doesn’t give me any time and it’s hard to quit as my passions cannot pay my bills until I get big and known with it which is also very important. This has been bothering me for long and is the cause of my unhappiness and depression. How shall I go about it, please let me know? Thank you very much!


The story you have set up in your mind is that you should be passionate about your work and that it should pay you well, and that if that isn’t the case, and you are dissatisfied with your job, then something is wrong.  But another way to look at this is to expand your concept of passion to include all of the driving energy of your creative expression in life, not just the pleasant or fun stuff. So that means that even the dissatisfaction in your current job is a passion or spur to find new avenues of creativity. Also,  you seem to be overlooking the satisfaction you get out of the financial and social rewards you currently enjoy in your work. That is a passion you have now that you wouldn’t necessarily have in your photography work.  Instead of looking at this as a battle between passion and your present life, see how your passion is even now working through your job and life now leading you to greater experience, greater knowledge and greater creative expression.



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