July 6, 2023
Ask Deepak

What is Jiva and Atman?.


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In your book, “How to Know God”, you speak about the two parts of the soul, Jiva and Atman. One seems to represent the subjective side and the other the objective side of the soul. I’m confused about this duality and how to go beyond it. Do I seek to expand my awareness to include Atman? Do I have an individual Atman or is it everyone’s?


The jiva is universal consciousness seeing itself as limited, personal and separate from the whole. Atman is universal consciousness seeing itself as it is: universal, infinite, eternal and whole. You go beyond duality by transcending individual, isolated awareness of the jiva into the unified awareness of atman. Your experience of atman is your experience, but atman itself is unbounded and whole. It belongs to everyone and everything equally, or you could easily say it doesn’t belong to anyone, but rather everything belongs to it.



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