January 31, 2023
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Hi Deepak Chopra! I’m so jealous of other people. I’m jealous of their physical beauty, their status, their achievements, their lives. What should I do to not feel envy? When someone else succeed, I get anxiety and feel anger.


You have let your sense of self, your basic identity be shaped by external values: physical features, wealth, and success. These things are fine in themselves, but they are not who you are. You think those qualities are the ideal qualities of a desirable person. But actually, the ideal person is one who knows their true self and has fulfilled their human potential. Find out your real nature; live your own life authentically, and you won’t care what other qualities people have that you don’t. When you value yourself for who you truly are, you won’t look to others to define your values and you won’t envy their qualities.



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