April 20, 2017

It Could Have Been Worse.


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“It could have been worse” is a term you hear used when some kind of bad event takes place. When I hear this statement I always think to myself that based on the specific circumstances which led to the event there could only be one outcome – the one which took place – no other. 

So how could it have been worse? If it was meant to be worse it would have been. If a particular event was meant to be worse wouldn’t a whole different set of circumstances have to synchronise to create a different space time event than the one which actually took place?


Telling someone “it could have been worse” is usually just a way of consoling them by suggesting an alternate scenario might have had an even more difficult outcome. It’s also an opportunity to look for something to be grateful for instead of focusing on the negative. I think it’s rare when someone uses that phrase to make a statement about free will and determinism. You seem to be suggesting that everything that happens is meant to happen, therefore it can only turn out to be exactly as it is. But no one lives their life that way. You choose actions with the intention of making your life better.



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