July 3, 2024
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Is there a personal God that we can ask for help?.


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Right now, I am struggling with alcoholism, trying to stop drinking and stay stopped. 

I have actually been struggling with this for years, so I finally decided that I needed to do something different and start attending A.A. meetings. 

My biggest hesitation with this group is the “spiritual” aspect. 

While A.A. says it is non-denominational, I find – so far – that there is definitely a Christian slant. 

And at any rate, we are supposed to call upon our Higher Power – as we understand “him” – to help us do what we cannot do for ourselves, which is to stop drinking. 

But I’m not sure, when I pray, “who” is listening? 

I tend to believe in a cold, mechanical universe, where we are basically on our own. 

So I’d like to get your thoughts… 

Do you believe in a personal God that we can ask for help?


First of all, good for you in getting help with your alcohol dependence. 

As for the Higher Power, you are encouraged to call upon—you don’t have to think of it in anthropomorphic terms, or even in terms of a personal deity. 

The universal power and intelligence that supports all existence is your own deepest, pure consciousness. 

Reality is one undivided consciousness at its source and your awareness shares that same source. 

In pop culture parlance, we can even borrow the Star Wars concept of the “Force” as a simple way to relate to the impersonal aspect of God.

Regardless of what name or image we have in our mind when the fragmented, separate self seeks help and healing, it is ultimately asking for reconnection and return to wholeness with this source consciousness within. 

So don’t let the occasional theistic language of A.A. put you off from reconnecting with your true self as the basis of your healing.



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