August 8, 2023
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Is it possible to levitate?.


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Dear Deepak sir, Does levitation happen to all advanced sadhakas/seekers/meditators or only to a few? and to those whom it happens , does it happen at random (may be they meditating in a dark room and all of a sudden they experience levitation) or they can make it happen at will, kind of? And what about the experience of sushupti jagriti (wakeful sleep) – I guess that happens to every advanced seeker just naturally in the course of sadhana/practice when their mind has become sufficiently quiet through meditation (I have not experienced it yet after 9 years of meditation but I think in a year or 2 I should reach that state of sushupti jagriti)? Thank you, sir.


There isn’t much reliable information to base an answer on, because even legendary accounts of levitation are quite rare among spiritually enlightened souls. That tells us that levitation happens to only a very few individuals. In the Yoga, Taoist, Sufi  and Buddhist traditions, there are techniques to develop this ability, but with Christian saints, it seems that it was typically a spontaneous and unexpected outcome. And in every tradition it remained a rare ability.

Regarding the development of wakeful sleep, it is impossible to predict a timeline for the maturation of this experience of awareness during deep sleep.. It obviously depends upon the individual history of your mental conditioning. But I would encourage you to not let your intellectual preconceptions/expectations to  get ahead of your innocent experience. That means don’t assume wakeful sleep has the same quality of wakefulness as wakefulness during the day. Wakeful sleep is really just a  general way to describe sleep in higher states of consciousness where your inner presence of being isn’t diminished or lost during sleep.



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