March 22, 2024
Ask Deepak

Is it okay to use Mala Beads for meditating?.


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“I have found your meditation extremely helpful with my anxiety and dealing with the changes in my life. 

I’ve purchased a mala of beads and was wondering about your thoughts on using these during meditation. 

I’ve considered meditation as quieting the mind yet it would take some form of thought to use the Mala. 

Focus I suppose could also be the word.”


A mala is a set of beads, like rosary beads, that are used to keep track of the number of times you repeat a particular mantra quietly or out loud to attain a specific outcome. 

This is known as japa meditation. 

It is a very different process than silent mantra meditation where there is no determined number of times you might think of the mantra, and there is no expectation of an external outcome. 

Silent meditation is about letting all mental activity fade away so that the real self can shine forth in its true nature. 

If you were to use a mala in this type of meditation, it would take you out of this natural process and disrupt your meditation.



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