February 2, 2024
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Is it normal to feel emotional after meditating?.


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“I had been flirting with meditation sporadically for the past few months but never doing it properly and regularly missing sessions. 

Now, for the last week after doing more research I have been doing thorough, disciplined meditation sessions twice 20 minutes a day. 

As it’s so soon it’s hard to pinpoint any differences in me. 

However, the last couple of mornings (after meditating the night before and before my morning meditation), I have felt very emotional, even to the point of tears for no particular reason and when thinking about my parents. 

They are both fairly elderly but fine at the moment, so I have no idea why now I’m feeling so emotional. 

I know people can experience strong emotions during meditation but when it happens during the day or the morning after, is this still a symptom of the meditation? Is this a good sign that meditation is working? 

Your insight would be much appreciated as I’m a little worried.”


It can sometimes happen when we first begin meditating that we tap into and start releasing old emotional tension and conditioning. 

This healing process may continue after meditation and express itself as an exaggerated emotional sensitivity or tearfulness. 

Don’t be concerned, it is a healthy indication that your meditation practice is helping to heal some past emotional pains. 

Once that old trauma has cleared away, it will leave you stronger, more open, and loving.



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