June 28, 2024
Ask Deepak

Is it normal to become overwhelmed by emotion while meditating?.


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“Since I have been meditating, I have become emotional. 

I become overwhelmed by emotion when meditating and find myself with tears streaming down my face. 

The feeling is not sadness or joy, but rather a mixture of every emotion. 

This carries over to my daily life as well. I will begin crying at any little sadness or uplifting event. 

Is this normal?”


Strong waves of mixed emotions can arise in meditation when a mass of old, unresolved feelings come up in meditation to be released and cleared. 

Don’t let your attention get caught up in the old emotions and don’t get distracted by the strangeness of having all these mixed feelings disconnected from anything that is currently going on in your life. 

Think of it as a little bit of emotional house cleaning and easily bring your awareness back to the mantra or your breath.



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