February 17, 2022
Ask Deepak

Intuition and the Law of Abundance.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


Dear Deepak, “The core of our being is the ultimate reality”, each of us possesses an inner wisdom of knowingness of intuition that can serve as our “feel safe guide”. Intuition is our inner voice that beckons to be heard and when we ignore our intuition we lose our ability to feel out situations which leads to decision making guided by over-rationalization of our actions even when we are wrong. Therefore, I understand intuition as something which is unchangeable by outer conditions as it has a “life/power/wisdom” of its own. However, the law of abundance speaks of a source (where the law of abundance springs from) and within it lies the power of infinite creativity waiting for our call. If we are willing to release any resistance we may have to experiencing abundance we can attract anything we want in life as abundance will float to us effortlessly and easily. Therefore, the law of abundance speaks of an ever-changing mechanism that we can shape with the power of intention. This is where I get lost. If the law of abundance speaks of infinite possibilities, of which we can tap into whatever we desire where is intuition’s “place” within that world? What is the role of that “Inner Wisdom” then? Perhaps it may be easier to tap into what our intuition tells us, but it almost seems as intuitions is not important as we can manifest anything we wish. I see this dilemma in my life as I work in one field and somewhere deep inside (intuition) I wish to do and work in something else, which seems to me, will allow me to have more meaning in my life. However, using the law of abundance, I ask myself if I cannot tap into a place deep within, in which I will learn to love and be fulfilled within my current work situation? Would love to hear your opinion on Intuition’s place and role within a world of endless possibilities governed by the Law of Abundance, and is intuition really that important in that world? Thank you.


Your ideas of intuition and abundance seem fine, but I don’t think these ideas are the best tools for helping you solve your career issue. Instead, I would encourage you to think about dharma, your life purpose and what gifts you have to offer others. Consider what activities you are best suited for. What talents and interests do you have that enable you to be of greatest service to others? That is your life purpose or dharma, and when you follow your dharma, you will be following your intuition and naturally creating the abundance you need.



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