November 5, 2019
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Interfaith Relationship.


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I am 23 and in a relationship with a guy for the past six months. We love each other very much and given time we want to see our relationship through to marriage. The issue is that he is Catholic and I am Hindu and while his parents are fine with us being together my father is against an inter faith/ caste marriage and wants me to have an arranged marriage… My father is a single parent and says I will hurt him if I continue this relationship. I do not want to hurt my father but I also love my partner. Is it wrong that I want to continue seeing him and hope to convince my father eventually?


Your being in love with someone outside your family’s faith can be a powerful  force you to understand yourself. Even though it will be difficult, this process will help you mature into a conscious adult. You will need to decide what is truly important to you about marriage; whose happiness is more important in your marriage, you or your father’s?  You also need to deeply consider whether you have any serious concerns about this interfaith marriage apart from your father’s concerns. If so, how do you intend to address those issues? You need to have the same honest conversation with your partner as well.

Have a heart-to-heart and adult-to-adult talk with your dad. Let him know you understand that he is uncomfortable and skeptical about your relationship, but ask that he not interpret your natural love for this man as you hurting him. That is unfair and emotionally manipulative.  Talk to him about what matters to you in life, about what your faith means to you, about the importance of family, tradition and love.   Show him what you have learned from him and what you have discovered for yourself as well.  Let him see you as an intelligent, loving, independent woman. 

If your father is able to relate to you as an adult, then he will honor your decision and support you even if it is only for your happiness.



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