May 8, 2019

Intention in Relationships.


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I’m curious about how intention works in regard to relationships.  Can my intention for my son to be better behaved or for my boyfriend and I to have more intimacy be done through non local interference?  Can I have intentions to free others from addictions or for them to be more spiritually enlightened?  I want to understand to what degree I am responsible for my own life and to what degree my intentions can make big differences in other people’s lives since we are really only one.  Thanks!


You are completely responsible for your life and your actions, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be a positive force in the lives of others it they want that positive influence.

The degree your intentions are fulfilled will always depend upon your level of consciousness you are intending them from. If you have intentions from core of your awareness, pure consciousness, then your desire will manifest with the full force and intelligence of the universe. If you desire from a limited or fragmented awareness, then the product of that intention will be limited as well. This applies to intentions for yourself or for loved ones. The general rule is that your wishes  will have the greatest impact on those who are closest to you emotionally. However, as one transcends the boundaries of individuality, one’s influence can become universal for all people and all of creation.



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