November 25, 2014

Intention and Synchronicity.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


Hi Deepak,
I've read some of your books, they were very enlightening, thank you for that. But here's the thing: I understand the power of intention and the laws of success in general, also the way synchronicity and coincidence guide our lives. Nevertheless I get confused on how to distinguish them. I mean, if I get to live a certain coincidence that is the product of my intention or the infinite intelligence operating. In the infinite potential sea, how does my intention combine with the ultimate consciousness? How does my personal power and plans become restricted or potentialized by this ocean and its power and plans?
Thank you for your attention and help, With deep respect and admiration.


Our pure consciousness is the infinite source of all energy, intelligence, love and power. So intentions and synchronicity also arise from and are governed from this field of unbounded awareness that is our true self. Our individual true self does not need to be combined with universal consciousness because at that core level, it is universal consciousness. That level of Nature’s functioning handles the manifestation and evolution of everything in the universe, including our individual desires.



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  1. Gypsyspirit

    @ZenChiCenter: "energy exist in subtle forms as more perfect expressions of the god" your statements implies as though life in physical form is less perfect. because if it that so that why the perfect decided to demote himself to less perfect. IN nutshell "why we become?".

  2. heartphone

    @gypsyspirit: My son was a cry baby who kept me awake night after night during the first six months of his life. It was of course explainable because he went to a true trauma during his birth. I will spare you the details.I only desire sleep and a healthy body. Luckily I had one revelation on how to keep myself and my body healthy and everything to fulfil that desire has come true in my life and still does. And don`t think I got this for nothing. I had to stand up for myself to be allowed to lead the life I wanted to keep myself healthy. By keeping myself and my body healthy in my own way, all the other experiences I received came naturally. Up till now my only desire is to stay healthy and when my time has come to die I want to die in a decent way, such as: not to be reanimated (at my age) when I would have a stroke or heart attack. And not to live like a plant might I get Alzheimers. Am happy this is possible in my country.

  3. Gypsyspirit

    @heartphone, well its more of Our intentions and desires than experiencing. Therefore Even if you dont experience, just close your eyes and please lets know your Desires :-) ( and please dont say you dont have any desires, because if it is that so every cell of your body will blow apart).

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