November 11, 2022
Ask Deepak

Intense Emotional Release in Meditation.


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Hello, I have been meditating for about the last year and believe it is truly healing me and bringing true bliss to my being. Some things I don’t understand though. Twice this has happened, I will begin to breath very heavy and feel as though something is being ripped from me. I begin to cry not hysterical by any means (but I feel as if I could if I weren’t meditating). I feel a sensation of myself crying out or yelling (but I don’t), and I almost wish I could to release it. It’s as if I’m yelling in my mind. I’m not sure what’s happening. I calm down after a bit, and feel fine, but very exhausted afterward and just rest. Am I still in a meditative state? Is this okay or normal? Thank you for your gifts. They are changing my life every day.


It’s both normal and okay. This emotional release just means there is some deep emotional trauma from your past that is now ready to come to the surface and be healed. After meditation I would recommend you take a few minutes and sing out loud. Find a song you love that resonates with the emotional tone of your pain. Listen to it at an above-normal volume so that you can really feel the sonic effect of the song and music. When you feel it has engaged your emotions, start to sing so that your voice translates your feelings into sound. If you do on those occasions when you feel some unresolved residue of emotion after your meditation, it will facilitate the release and healing process.



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