December 17, 2017

Intelligence in Nature.


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I love your books and audio Cd’s.  I study quantum mechanics myself and also enlightenment. Quantum physics is what actually lead me down the path to enlightenment.  At the core of all matter beyond the quarks everything is formless energy, electromagnetism as such, correct?  So are we ultimately made of light energy which is the unified field?  If so where does the intelligence come in, quarks are quarks and atoms are atoms (many different types as in the periodic table) but are not intelligent.  Does the intelligence that combines them into DNA and then coordinates all life and matter come from within them or an ever-present formless energy that surrounds all an orchestrates it from the outside such as quantum entanglement? Could you comment, I always wonder how the intelligence of orchestration fits in.



Intelligence is an inseparable quality of that field of all possibilities. The constant self-interacting dynamics of the field is the process of existence knowing itself.  Intelligence shows itself at the quantum level in the operators and functioning of the laws of nature that describe those forms of energy. At the macroscopic level these laws of nature give rise to the organization and forms that we can experience and commonly see as intelligent orchestration.




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