September 9, 2012

Individuations of God.


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Dear Deepak, I have a question which has plagued me for some time and was wondering if you could shed some light on a possible answer. It has been said that we are all individuations of God and he birthed us forth for the purpose of "experiencing that which we already know" and thus consciously choosing the light. When this process is complete and we have all chosen and formed the unity consciousness. Then what would be the purpose for the process to begin again?


The ancient seers have provided many thoughts on this question. Many of them come down to the idea that since reality in truth is one, and that individuation, separation and therefore the very concept of creation itself reflects an ignorance of that unity. When that ignorance is gone, the unity that was always there is revealed to itself. Nothing really happened, nothing ever began or needs to begin again. The entire “process” of losing self-awareness and gaining self-awareness occurs in consciousness.


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  1. Hecatestorch

    I wanted to respond to Chelmars posting and share my experience on how I made my peace with my choice to incarnate into a dysfunctional and incestuous family. I entered the dark night of the soul for 7 years. The gifts of my journey have been many; (still unfolding today!!) but there where times I resented what I now understand, was an alchemical process. But within this I began not just my personal healing journey; but healing the abuse legacy and I began my ascension awakening. There was also the keeping it real factor; I was not angry at all; I had to access my anger in order to heal! Anger about being a victim and what happened; the impact, the affects on your life today....even today I get transient moments of anger but Iam more of an observer of this and I use the energy of this as fuel into my creative projects. But be assured; I certainly expressed my anger at the idea Id asked for this that I magnetised these experiences to me...that I too was a perpetrator of violence. This is all part of the many steps in the healing journey toward awakening to the fact you are already whole; and this I realise today was the PURPOSE of the whole victim-perpetrator karmic game. It was just one of the many possible permutations that I could have chosen as a life lesson (Karmic lesson) because I wanted to understand about power. In order to successfully engage with our lessons; we have to forget about our divine connection; its how the Creator designed it because we wanted to experience individuation, and to do this we have to forget we are one with Spirit. We have to forget, or else we could not experience the game of separation and incarnate, we would embody as conscious awakened souls and have no need for lessons! I hope this sheds some light on your current struggle; and that you take comfort in understanding that you are in a healing process and to trust your intuition; keep it real be true to yourself and your feelings in each moment and be as present as you can to the process. There are many layers to this; yes you were a victim; yes other perpetrated violence toward you; heal this first...the other perceptions/levels of reality or energy (its all energy in the end) will come later. Remember, that others ideas are just that..take what resonates with your truth and leave the rest. Spirit never gives us more that we can handle at one time, and Spirit will always guide you to the answers you seek all you need do is ask. Namaste, Grace

  2. chelmar

    Opps...I didn`t mean to comment on this thread and I thought I was asking a Deepak question;)

  3. chelmar

    You have worked with Byron Katie and I think for the most part "The Work" can be a very effective tool for letting go of our sad stories and learning to take responsibility for our own thoughts. I do however feel challenged to accept the concept that a survivor of child abuse and or incest is in anyway responsible for the perpetrators actions and in the "turnaround" admit they wanted it and were actuality the abuser. I am all for being responsible for my own healing, letting go of the past and forgiveness but do I need to accept the persons` who raped me and smashed my head into the wall was a victim of me? I know they think so because each of them told me it was my fault and I asked for it. Much of my healing journey has been about getting beyond the shame and guilt and laying the responsibility where it belonged. I believe I was a victim of someone elses` choice and action but I decide if I will remain a victim in my head. I don`t get how admitting and accepting that not only wasn`t I abused but I was the abuser is helpful to my healing and growth?

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