April 29, 2012

Individual Consciousness and Social Consciousness.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


How do you reconcile social conditioning with a higher purpose? So much of what people do is automated- how do we use this to a positive advantage to serve others? Where is the balance between individualism and collectivism and how does ego affect this?


Social rules and customs are the ways humans have learned to get along in groups. And the welfare of the group, whether it is a family or a nation, is how the individual is allowed to be safe and grow. But there comes a time in one’s spiritual journey where it becomes necessary to grow beyond the confines of the group and claim the freedom that is your true spiritual identity. Social pressure will then try to bring you back into the beliefs and values of the tribe, telling you it is wrong and dangerous to think outside the boundaries of your family upbringing or faith, or tradition. At this stage of your individuation you must have the courage of your own spiritual convictions and experience to live and think as your evolution requires, knowing that your example of freedom will make it easier for others who are still in the womb of the group to break free when there time is ripe.



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  1. GoalGuru.com

    Amazing insights. I see people who struggle with this every single day. They choose loyalty to family over their own growth, joy and fulfillment. They say they are honoring their "culture" or family, but in doing so, they dishonor themselves, their own soul. It`s as if they put their parents at a higher level than God. They were taught that love is sacrifice, control, and conditional. The rules of the family come before all humanity. They remain stuck in the cycles of their conditioning. They imprison themselves to the demands and expectations of their parents, knowing that if they truly lived their truth, their parents would be disappointed. They judge and reject anyone who challenges this. They feel safe behind the walls of their rules. I pray they awaken so they can taste the deliciousness of living a destiny of their own conscious choosing. Live Your Dreams, Jill

  2. Medicina Naturista

    Change, we know, is the only constant in our lives. More often than not, once we get settled into a certain way of thinking, responding, living...we find it difficult to part with our old habits/ways, thoughts irrespective of whether they make sense or not. Each person gives and takes from life at a level that they know best from their level of education, socialisation and their ability to trust in themselves. To deny yourself the opportunity to grow even if that means breaking the mould, moving away from the `norm`; is not only a great injustice to yourself but also to the very people, beliefs, thoughts, cultures you may be transcending from.

  3. KirtonK

    Couldn`t agree more. If our inner consciousness is strong and high, we will more than surpass te demands of society. Behavior and our sense of right and wrong is communal. If we adhere to the golden rule internally we would more than meet societal expectations.

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