December 16, 2022
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Indifferent Universe.


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Dear Deepak, I watched COSMOS on National Geographic channel, and understood for the very first time in my life of 54 years, what the big bang theory is all about. I consider myself a seeker in this life, and feel in complete harmony with so many of your beliefs. I have had the pleasure of hearing one of your talks when you were in Montreal years ago, and was turned on to your philosophy in an audio where to talked about ‘how to get what you really, really, really, really want (four reallys….hahahha) Everything I continue to hear from you sounds true, feels true, in every fibre of my being. I find comfort in your explanation of the world, though at times I must admit, I have trouble with the unbelievable disparity of people on the planet and I appease myself with the thought that we are all on our own evolutionary trajectory. Energy emanating from a source of creation, is my religion. I focus on beauty, and dwell in possibility and believe our thoughts have tremendous power. Well, this morning I awoke feeling perplexed, and insignificant in the scheme of it all. If humans represent a mere 14 seconds of time on the calendar of the cosmos, how unbelievably self-centered we are. Carl Sagan says, “The universe seems neither benign nor hostile, merely indifferent.” which does not sit well with me spiritually. I like the emanating from an abundant source of creation so much better than evolving from a chance rock collision… Not sure what my question is really, but how do you, a man of science, fit all you believe, into this irrefutable scientific data? I realize I am not asking for much (kidding here) …but you undoubtedly have worked out a response to this big question. today, I don’t know where I am going but I am on my way. as the song says, What’s it all about Alfie (Deepak)??? thanks for reading, dazed and confused, but remaining optimistic, nevertheless.


The physicalist’s view of ultimate reality is that it consists of subatomic particles. The shortcoming of this view is that it does not account for or explain our experience of creativity, love, joy, free will, inspiration, purpose, self-awareness, beauty, or compassion. My view, in line with all the ancient wisdom traditions, is that a universal field of consciousness underlies, creates, and unites the objective physical world as well as the subjective world and that the description of these dynamics is consistent with quantum field theory. 

This doesn’t mean that the hydrogen and helium gas clouds of the universe care about us. It means that our core existence of consciousness shares an existence with everyone and everything else in the universe, and when that knowledge becomes an experienced reality, then your awareness is the awareness of the universe. You know your self didn’t begin nor will it end with a biological organism. And when your awareness knows itself as the cosmos, it is knowing itself, so it is not indifferent. 



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