October 11, 2022
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Indian Spirituality.


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Dear Deepak…I have identified myself as a Christian for all of my adult life because I do believe in God, but for as long as I can remember I have felt a deeper connection to Indian spirituality, everything about India and it’s culture resonates in my soul, I feel and believe that in a past life I was a very spiritual Indian person and the connection has transferred in my present life, this is very conflicting to me being that I am an African American. I would like to have a deeper understanding into what I feel I and believe in my heart. How do I get to the root of my feelings and be the person I desire to be?


It’s not that unusual these days for an individual born into a modern cultural setting to feel a deep affinity to a different spiritual tradition. Feel free to explore your spiritual journey without fear wherever it leads. Your spiritual essence is deeper than your heritage, culture, or gender. 

The best way to learn your spiritual path is to find a meditation that feels right for you. That meditation practice will connect you to your spiritual path. Don’t worry about trying to make your spiritual path fit your idea of what an African American woman’s beliefs should be. Let your journey unfold from within your heart, without preconceptions. If you follow your inner heart, you will always find the guidance you need.



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