October 14, 2021
Ask Deepak

Independence and Security.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


I am not sure how I want my life to be. On one hand, I want independence in what I do, but lack the courage to step out and face the world. I am not unhappy but at the same time, I feel this is not what I am. How do I resolve this internal conflict?


There is a wisdom inside you beyond your thinking mind that already knows how your life needs to be. If you connect with this intelligence and get your conditioned personality out of the way, it will all unfold naturally and effortlessly. The real you does not lack the courage and power to step out and face the world, that is the timid ego-self that is content with the familiarity of the status quo.  All growth is a process of overcoming the security and complacency of the familiar with the courage to create something new in your life and the world. That creative process is an assertion of independence and self-power. It requires courage because creativity means you are stepping into the unknown. But that courage is also a process of self-discovery. You find out who you are by exercising your power as an individual to act, to create, to make decisions.  So you don’t need to have a clear plan for what you are and what your purpose is, that will unfold as you begin your journey into the world. Take your first step, then another, and you will soon find that the path of self-discovery, creativity and empowerment will provide its own motivation and courage.



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