November 10, 2019
Ask Deepak

Images before sleeping.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


At times before I sleep or on waking up my mind seems to conjure up personifications of people. I can see every detail, color and  characterization. I have at times tried to silently ask what is the purpose of their visit, but somehow I find it very difficult to keep focus to be able to get any results. How do I go about it?


It may not be that there is any constructive purpose to the perceptions at all, so it may not be important or fruitful to explore it. If you have a genuine sense that there is something valuable that is trying to be conveyed to you, then ask  if the information is coming from your inner truth and for your highest good. If it is, then ask that whatever it is be relayed to you in a clear, unambiguous voice or image. If the images continue in the same detailed but obscure fashion, you should ignore them.



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