September 21, 2018

Identity Confusion.


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I have been meditating for some time now. This morning while meditating I realised something which has totally confused me.

I realised that there are 3 components.

1. Ego/Mind
2. Silent Witness
3. Spirit, Soul or the GAP.

So we can live our lives through our Ego/Mind or through our spirit/soul/Gap. I realised that whatever the case there is still this “ME” which has the choice to live through Mind or the Soul. If this is true…who is this ME?

When I meditate, I go into the GAP and realise that I with my true self, my Soul. But still there was this thing called “ME” which was with my true self, my soul.

Is this theory correct or I got something wrong. OR the silent witness I am experiencing is my mind is disguise. Please help!!!


I’m not sure about the distinction you draw between the silent witness and the spirit/soul/gap, but I agree with your meditation experience that your true self is pure consciousness and not your conditioned mind.

The silent witness is your essential nature, and when your consciousness is awake, and you are in clarity, then you know that is who you are—that is the “ME” in that state of consciousness.  When awareness is not aware of its real nature, then your sense of identity is attached to the memories, conditioning, perceptions and feelings of the ego mind. In that state of consciousness, the ego-mind is who that “ME” is. So your sense of self or identity is not so much a matter of choice as it is an automatic reflection of your state of consciousness. As your consciousness becomes clearer, more awake to itself, it knows its true nature.



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