October 9, 2011

I am Therefore God.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.

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  1. heartphone

    Homo Ludens

  2. E. Lewis Evans, aka Rainfish2000

    Oddly, it seems that "common" reality may be a form of shared solipsism. That might seem contradictory as solipsism implies that all existence is self-centered and nothing exists beyond my perception/creation of it. But, what if it can be both true and not true? That may indicate reality is always incomplete and it is organic, i.e. forever forming as we continue to investigate it . How are we to be really sure about what we think we see -- even though we, as humans anyway, may agree upon the same definition for a shared experience/perception? Isn`t "reality" both a part of the physical perception of what we observe and part of our emotional perception of what is being observed. The observed is the observer and that "reality" can be in part but cannot be wholly the same as observed by other observers. That might sound a bit convoluted, but don`t we share and, at the same time, not share the same reality with people who can see color and with people who are color-blind...with animals (as you pointed out, bees who can perceive ultraviolet...dogs who sense the world differently) and perhaps higher evolved beings who also exists in the same, but different, reality. Is this an advantage or simply a difference? Both and neither probably-- depending on how useful it is for survival or need or desire. I know that I am more than myself, I just don`t know how much more yet. Perhaps I never will. Maybe that is part of the journey. A road that never ends as long as I keep stepping forward. ~ E. Lewis Evans, aka Rainfish2000...http://www.wix.com/evansartwork/gallery

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