November 28, 2013

Hungry for Intimacy.


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Hi Deepak, I am really enjoying your inspiration and guidance about What Are You Hungry For? I over eat deliberately and then purge. Sometimes it is more habitual, and lately I realize what I hungry for is human touch and intimate connection. How do I fulfil such hunger when that relies on having a fulfilling relationship with another? I have been single for a long time.. I also wonder if craving human touch and intimacy is an unhealthy attachment to another circumstance outside oneself ? Thanks in advance!


The desire for human touch and intimacy is natural and important. But eating food is not a replacement for that. Recognizing that is the critical step in gaining conscious control of your eating habits. Even if you are not in an intimate relationship right now, you can still use this impulse to connect with others to talk with family and friends. You can take a dance or yoga class, get a massage or take some action to relate to another person.


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  1. Angelica Allen-Bentley

    Sometimes it is difficult to discern whether w long for human connection because we are human or because we are being too needy. I struggled with this for a while too. But it is about self-sufficiency; do you feel important, loved, and good about yourself when you and this person (or people) are not on the best of terms? Also Deepak I like how you mentioned taking a dance class or getting a massage to relate to others. I didn`t realize that those things are actually forms of human intimacy.

  2. patricia

    What would you say to a loved one in your circumstances? Now treat yourself as a loved one. What you eat (digestion) and the closeness you feel with others (relationships) are two very different facts in life. To use one thing to change another unrelated thing creates a "false feeling" that you are taking action. A counselor specializing in eating disorders will help sort the facts, help you act on them directly and show you how to treat yourself as your loved one.

  3. Kuna Nykjær

    Already miss you :-) Thank you for the meditation journey

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