September 19, 2023
Ask Deepak

How do we stay grounded through spiritual experiences?.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


As a child, I recognized that energy was everywhere, and now as an adult going through many spiritual growths and having developed a more refined energy awareness, I am feeling overwhelmed in my body by the intensity of our world. 

A spiritual practice I participated in opened me up to experience the cosmos.

Since leaving that practice I felt the integrity of that practice was not in alignment with pure soul; I am challenged to be balanced in general day-to-day life. 

Wonderful teachers have helped me to ground and learn to radiate rather than be receptive to all and strengthen the pathways through yoga and meditation. 

Though something does not quite feel right like I am missing a piece of the puzzle. 

I am experiencing other people’s consciousness and physiology, therefore lots of pain at times. 

My body takes on the ailment. For example, someone may have mouth ulcers and as I talk to them I develop mouth ulcers. 

So if I walk into a busy room it is difficult for me to know who I am, it feels like I am the room. 

I have read about Carl Jung and Edgar Cayce who talk of these experiences. It is frustrating to work with as I am unable to explain what is happening to people when I ask for help, the information is misunderstood or even they are picking up on someone else’s energy around my field. 

I pray a lot and was just listening to some of your talks on the brain, which prompted this email. 

I am curious about what area of the brain is perceiving/receiving this information, perhaps I am healing from a trauma and how to work in a positive way with the gifts of my soul journey. 

A lot of energy comes in through the crown of my head. 

Also, if I am in a space with highly spiritual people, pure energy comes in; this is what is reflected in my being/body. 

Gratitude for the abundance of inspiration shared in your work; books and talks.


I would encourage you to use yoga and meditation practices to focus more on being grounded so that you can radiate your true self rather than being a receiver of everything in your environment. 

But I suspect there is a deeper attitude or motive in your psyche that is still framing your overall energetic relationship with your environment. 

You haven’t explicitly stated this in your email, but I think you have formed a strong spiritual ideal about what a spiritual person is. 

And that ideal image of spirituality for yourself around the idea that your individuality with its personality, its body, its needs, its desires, and tendencies is somehow impure and unspiritual. 

This has led to a diffuse, passive core self that does not know how to function well with the world anymore. 

This can lead to a weakened personal self that is hypersensitive to other personalities around it. 

I suggest a radical restructuring of your ideas on spiritual life. 

First of all, recognize that spiritual awakening is about living the joy of life in the world we are in right now. 

It is about freedom, creative expression, strength, love, happiness, and wisdom.

This is meant to be lived in your body, in the present, in the shared smiles with loved ones. 

To fully enjoy this kind of spiritual existence requires a strong, stable, adaptable, center within your psyche. 

You can’t effectively radiate your spiritual energy if you don’t have a strong awareness anchored and well-connected to your body, mind, and heart. 

So let this be your new spiritual focus: find your bliss and passion in the strength and movement of your body. 

Find your divine expression in the delight of your senses- whether it is in the beauty of a sunrise, the taste of a perfect mango, or the joy of listening to a violin sonata. 

Let your being find its center and its strength by embracing the divinity of life all around it. 

Once you rediscover how wonderful it is to be spiritually awake and alive in your life, you will be happy to fully re-inhabit your body, senses, and mind. You will rejoice in all the special and different aspects of your personality, your unique history, your quirks and habits, your likes and dislikes. 

All the things that go to make you, you. Celebrate that specialness. 

That uniqueness is what makes your spirituality indispensable to yourself and the universe. 

Once you have made this transition, you will have no more problems taking on other people’s illnesses or mental states.



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