October 31, 2023
Ask Deepak

How can we remain aware and not become overwhelmed?.


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“As an empathetic and feeling species, are we really designed to be constantly plugged into news sources and aware of all of the really negative things going on all over the world? 

Sometimes I think I have the feeling capacity of about 10 people, and I really can’t handle the barrage of fear-based or catastrophic news that comes on any given day.”


We certainly do live in a  world of news and data overwhelm. 

This can be especially debilitating to those who automatically process everything emotionally.  

So it’s important to consciously manage the type and amount of information we expose ourselves to. 

You may only need to scan a few headlines and story summaries for a couple of minutes a day to keep up to date with the world. 

A weekly news analysis for deeper background and insight into the important issues should be enough to keep you adequately informed. 

Avoid the more sensational and inflammatory media outlets. 

I do believe we have a responsibility as citizens in a modern democracy to be informed and consciously involved in directing society in a good direction, but our media problem is not a lack of information, but a lack of intelligent and useful information.



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