August 29, 2023
Ask Deepak

Is there a way to trigger a spiritual experience while being in an altered state?.


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I have read many of texts about spiritual liberation, ascension, enlightenment, including the Vedanta, Ayurveda, Dhammapada, Tibetan Book of the Dead, Tibetan yogis of dream and sleep, the Bible, the Koran,…etc. However, it seems to me that there is a lack of concise direct applicable set of strategies one can do to elicit these profound experiences, instead of them just spontaneously happening.

In the science of modeling, if one person or several people can have an, out-of-body experience, then it can be taught to others if we learn how to trigger that state.

What I would like to know is in what way do you strategize an action in your mind?

In other words, if you have achieved a profound, altered state, where you were able to heal another being? Through whatever method, the moment before you enter that altered state, what do you notice? Do you see the sights that you would normally see, experience the sounds you would normally hear, experience the sensations you would normal feel? What IS IT that you experience before you enter your altered state?


The experiences that directly precede a shift into another state of consciousness aren’t necessarily useful as a technique to induce that state, because the underlying mechanism may be unconscious. For instance the experience of falling asleep.

There is ample validation of the effectiveness of simple meditation to give a people a direct experience of their core self. This is borne out through the experiences of millions of mediators around the world as well as the scientific research that supports the benefits in mind, body and spirit. And I would argue that there is no more profound spiritual experience than the experience of your true self, pure spirit. But you are right to point out the frustration of finding effective techniques that can reliably and reproduce specific altered states regardless of one’s beliefs, culture, health, or psychological history. But I would argue that when we are talking about altered states of perception like out-of-body experiences, those individual factors play a greater role in the experience. Therefore it is not just a matter of the right technique, it is a matter of having a competent guide who can diagnose your particular need, and then select the right technique that meets your requirements.



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