October 25, 2023
Ask Deepak

How do we know when we’re close to enlightenment?.


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“I have been mulling over the 7 stages of God from your book How to Know God, and seeing about which stage I find myself in my current state on the path, and I’m having a hard time. 

I seem to relate easily to all the different states at different times. 

My beliefs stay around the 6th and 7th stages, my thoughts, actions, and words reflect stage 5, yet my outer world and life circumstances reflect between 1 and 3. 

Is there a way to help us figure out ‘where’ on the spiritual path we are in terms of progress?”


First of all, the 7 God responses are meant to serve as a rough outline or map of the growth of higher states of consciousness. 

But like any map, it is different from your personal experience of the journey. 

So don’t focus too much on trying to figure out exactly where you are. 

The truth is that your real self is already established in the goal of wholeness, and it is just a matter of various aspects of your behavior, understanding, and beliefs to catch up with it. 

A general rule of thumb is that your thoughts and actions represent the center of gravity of your evolution. 

Kind of like the middle of the Bell curve. 

Your beliefs and philosophical understandings tend to be a little ahead of your spiritual growth, and physical circumstances may lag behind. 

So by your reporting, that puts you in stage 5, which sounds about right.



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