March 19, 2024
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How can we practice Non Judgement?.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.



“I have been practicing the 7 spiritual laws of success and have been feeling a lot better and more at ease with myself. 

I want my desires to manifest with the conjunction of the 7 spiritual laws of success. 

I have a question, in the 1st spiritual law of success you talk about non judgment, and I wanted to clarify a little more about that. 

To my knowledge, judging is labeling as right and wrong, good and bad, white or black, making a false assumption about something (person, object, situation). 

Today I shall judge nothing that occurs. 

I have the tendency that whenever I see a beautiful woman, I think to myself “Wow that is a very beautiful woman” or the opposite “Wow that is an ugly fat lady” I personally think that in both statements I’m judging, because I’m labeling as good or bad, instead of letting things just be. 

Or, today is going to rain, (I think I judged) I assumed what could happen and what could not happen (trying to control the present and future, least effort). 

Or, that is an amazing-looking car (I labeled) therefore I believed I judged. 

Or, another example, I know for a fact that someone is a thief, and I think to myself “That person is a thief” (I think I didn’t judge because it’s a fact that he is a thief). 

I think that judging excludes facts. 

Please correct me if I’m wrong, I want to practice non judgment to the fullest.”


Judgment is the activity of our separate, ego self that is looking to avoid experiencing things it doesn’t like or acquire experiences of things it does like. 

The separate self judges its experience as a way of resisting or changing its current experience. 

Non Judgment is being okay with what is happening right now in the present moment. 

It is open, empty awareness that takes in experience without labels or filters. 

The ego mind makes a judgment about the present experience –good or bad- to obtain or to avoid— and in that activity, it misses the actual present experience or the real person.

Non-judgment isn’t an activity or something you practice. 

It is simply living in the presence of your true self, which is always open and accepting of what is happening. 

It’s like a movie screen. It accepts whatever movie is being projected on it. 

It has no way of rejecting it or liking it, it is not limited or compromised by any image on its screen, so it has no fear nor desire for things to be other than what they are. 

But our pure awareness is much more than simply a passive screen, it is conscious, creative, and loving. 

When our open, luminous presence of awareness experiences the world from this state of consciousness, we see beauty in the simple things around us and feel love for the people in our lives. 



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