May 28, 2024
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How can we overcome lasting grief?.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


“I have massive admiration for your gift. 

I have read and loved your books. 

They are a big source of guidance to me. 

Someday I want to be able to follow a path of helping and contributing to others into realizing their true absolute self. It’s a process no doubt. 

I am yet to fully realize and appreciate my true self although I am getting there. I feel this literally excruciating pain in my heart of the loss of my mother who I was deeply attached to and lost her suddenly at the age of 34. 

Now I am 41. 

I have gone through different stages of mourning and loss but I am just stuck now and it is affecting my love towards my husband and my own self. 

I read a lot and I read a lot about death and after-death, life, spirituality, healing books, etc. 

I am a fairly spiritual person more so now. 

I am a practicing Buddhist. 

I love its philosophy of living and I try to live by it. 

But how do I get over my tragic loss and replace this pain with love and fulfillment? 

How do I overcome this huge sense of loss of my mother …I have tried a lot of things as well.” 


Losing someone so dear can leave a deep and lasting impact on our lives.

It is clear that you have been doing a lot of inner work and have been seeking guidance through books on spirituality, healing, and Buddhism. 

While we can find comfort and wisdom in the teachings of others, the journey towards healing and fulfillment ultimately lies within us.

It is important to acknowledge that healing is not a linear process, but rather a journey filled with ups and downs. 

Grieving is a natural and important part of this journey, and it is okay to take all the time you need.

In terms of practical solutions, have you considered seeking support through therapy or speaking with a grief counselor? 

They can offer guidance and tools that may help in your healing process.

With a little counseling help, you should be able to move forward with a fulfilling life that honors the loving memory of your mother’s life.



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