January 1, 2024
Ask Deepak

How can we get rid of tenacious, negative thoughts?.


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“I just read your response to someone’s question and I have an additional question on the topic: I have been doing yoga and meditation and I know that a lot of the negativity effortlessly pours out of me when I meditate, how do I know this? 

Because afterwards I no longer feel them. 

But some thoughts are tenacious, they stick no matter what, how does one get rid of those?”


The conditioning that tenaciously sticks around is old stresses that you identify very strongly with. 

Your ego-mind is holding onto them because, from its point of view, it believes it needs those negative patterns, and that letting go of them feels like death. 

The way to release them is to continue meditation so that awareness goes beyond the ego mind and realizes its true nature as unconditioned awareness. 

In time the true self re-educates the ego so that it no longer holds onto that old conditioning. 

When the time is right, that tenacious negativity will also pour out of you in that same effortless way.



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