January 31, 2024
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How can we be Ego-less during a confrontation?.


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“I find it very hard to stay calm and egoless in a situation of confrontation with another, for example, when somebody is openly rude my gut reaction is to be rude back because that is my conditioning and I was taught to defend myself and not let others take advantage of me, etc. 

I see that clearly when I am cool, but when I am in the midst of a situation I feel an overwhelming urge to fight back, so much so it hurts if I don’t. 

I fear I may just be repressing feelings if I act cool and walk away (thinking I am acting “egoless”). 

In any case, I am always left with a feeling that I am doing something wrong. 

Either failing to be egoless or repressing feelings. 

I am confused as to where the line is between acting egoless and letting others ride all over you.”


There are other options to rude behavior besides retaliating with rudeness or repressing your feelings. 

Both of these actions are ineffective. 

Retaliating still leaves you with a toxic feeling and so does trying to repress your reaction. 

The best way to deal with rudeness is to stay conscious and aware of your feelings while you respond. 

Initially, it may not change your outer behavior much, but over time you will discover that this easy presence of awareness will keep you more and more centered in your strength leaving you unaffected by the other person’s disrespectful behavior. 

This self-awareness will also begin to dissolve the unpleasantness or toxic aftermath of these encounters so you won’t be carrying it around later.



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