September 13, 2012

Hot Yoga.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


I have been practicing hot yoga daily for 6 years now and now thanks to the 21 day meditation challenge I included meditation in my daily practice. I am also experimenting with different types of meditation such as Sahaja yoga. According to their teachings hot yoga is not good for me and in the long run it can damage my heart. I was wondering what is your opinion on that and if I should be doing only one type of meditation. Thank you…I am very grateful for the wonderful website and many useful information and radio shows you provide for us.


To do hot yoga or Bikram yoga, you need to be in excellent health. I know many people who have enjoyed great benefits from Bikram yoga., some of them outstanding athletes. Sahaja meditation is also an excellent practice, but the two may not be compatible for you. Figure out what meditation practice will work for you with your Bikram practice and then stick with that one meditation. It’s not advisable to mix different meditations together.


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  1. D.Tittjung

    I practiced many forms of meditations before I began Sahaja Yoga Meditation. This was the only meditation which helped me both physically and mentally. It is the only form of meditation which has been scientifically proven to help. For more information:

  2. humbleyogi

    I have been meditating with Sahaja Yoga since 1997 after finding a flyer on a 7th Avenue sidewalk in NYC. What made sense right away was that it was free. After receiving self-realization, or kundalini awakening, which IS a natural, living process like the sprouting of a seed, I did question how and why Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi could travel all over the world for years and years and not accept money for Her work. I consulted glossaries and indexes of just about every popular yoga book at the time and could not find a single reference to Sahaja. Finally, because I was born this time with a Western, analytical brain that needed proof, I found a reference at the NY Public Library in a poem by the 15th century poet Kabir: In the bliss of Sahaj. That was it. Oneness with the Spirit does not need a marketplace, only patience and fertile ground.

  3. ruby

    Dear Mila Light //, Sister,I feel that you have given up before you could establish your self realisation... i.e can you feel the vibrations i.e cool breeze from your hands,soles and top of your head? Millions of people have and many more are still working towards it.having got proof i.e cool/hot breeze on hands,head, tingling on fingers ,thoughtless awareness etc.. I feel you were disappointed because you left the process without really following the rules of cleansing and meditation.. please dont give up..just keep an open mind,express a sincere deep and heartfelt desire for truth ,open the palms towards Sri Mataji`s Photo and ask for the truth. Besides, Sahaja Yoga cannot be thought has to be worked out..Jus.Its taught entirely FREE of COST..and there are no registered forced recruitments(AS in Cults), no agressive marketing..just people who have felt the experience...and wish to receive the inner joy and bliss..and fluorish. Please feel free to contact me at , if in my humble way i can be of any help to you..With all love and good wishes from your sahaji brothers and sisters, Rachana P.S Isnt it the greatest ADVANTAGE THAT U LEARNT HOW TO AWAKEN THE KUNDALINI ENERGY FROM SAHAJAYOGA? other system can do this ...chau..

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