February 18, 2022
Ask Deepak

Hot in Meditation.


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Namaste Deepak, why does my body get so hot almost instantly in meditation and my hands and feet so tingly (even if I am in a room that’s cool)? Also, for more than several years I’ve been feeling on some subtle level (when I tune into my body) that the left and right side of my body are not somehow equal. I don’t know how to formulate this question well but it’s as if the left side of my body is ‘taking the back seat’. How do I get to feeling harmonious and equally strong? I know how strange this sounds. Love and thankfulness.


Localized body heat is a byproduct of the normalization process in meditation, as are nearly all unusual experiences during meditation. Even the distorted sense of body symmetry you mention is due to the shifting of one’s body sense awareness as some old stresses or traumas are released. Don’t worry about it, something positive is occurring. Allow your attention to easily return to the meditation practice.



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