January 12, 2022
Ask Deepak

Hot Feet.


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I opened the crown chakra a few years ago and subsequently have been receiving energy coming down through the crown chakra flowing out through my feet into the earth. However, subsequently I chose to bring Earth energy up through the feet chakras and it’s burning my feet and legs. I was wondering if you have heard similar accounts and suggest any measures, I could take to reduce the pain? If you could reply it would be much appreciated. Thanks.


I haven’t heard of others with this experience, but since it started by you visualizing bringing energy up through your feet, the simplest solution is to stop that process. You haven’t stated why you started doing it in the first place, and there seem to be no benefits to it, only discomfort. So, if you discontinue your energy flow practice, the burning pain should stop. If you simply want to ground to Earth energy, it is enough to stand barefooted on the ground.



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