December 9, 2022
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Hooked on Chocolate.


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Dear Deepak, I have started reading your book “What are you hungry for” and being of Indian heritage, it is easy for me to understand the principles of Ayurveda. I am starting to modify my lifestyle with patience and more awareness and it gives me comfort listening to what I really need. I am aware that everybody has a certain challenge to be able to adapt with a new system. My challenge is kind of tricky. I have a sweet tooth and I seldom bought Chocolate before, knowing, I would be “hooked” once I do. Now, I work in the Marketing Department of one of the world’s most famous Chocolate Companies. When I started the job I put myself under unnecessary pressure which was quite stressful. Being a little overweight already then it came in handy that sugary products could be found with no effort. Needless to say that I gained more weight quickly this way. Job-wise I am successful and feel secure now and I do not need to “calm” myself with Chocolate on a regular basis. The challenge remains though: Being in Marketing I am always surrounded by Chocolate Bars, Pralines etc. Every two months I HAVE TO (this is part of my job) try a range of products and rate them regarding their quality. Do you have a solution how I can prevent of stepping into the trap again?? Thank you very much and regards from Switzerland.


I’m afraid you are not going to get much sympathy from readers for having a job where you have to sample the finest Swiss chocolates!  Since you are eating them because you have a sweet tooth and not out of an emotional lack, your challenge is not as difficult. The tool to change your habit is what you listed above: more awareness and listening to what your body really wants.  The next time you are tempted to eat chocolate, ask yourself if you are genuinely hungry or whether the taste simply seems like a pleasant experience. Check with your body and see whether your body wants the experience and consequences of metabolizing that chocolate.  If you are not actually hungry, ask what it is you want instead of food. In time your channels of communication with your mind, heart and body will be clear and strong enough that habits and false cravings will lose their power.

And when you need to sample the new lines of chocolates, just take tiny bites, enough so that you can taste it. You don’t need to finish each piece. Think of wine tasters or other professional food tasters who can’t continuously consume the products every day. They only take enough in their mouth to get the flavors and feel, then spit it out and then cleanse the palate. 



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