April 20, 2018

Higher Self and Lower Self.


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There was an article by V. Rt. Rev. Lewis Bostwick titled “Seniority to Spirit,” that   describes my dilemma.  However, I have recently come to terms with this part, as I have realized that I am an extremely undeveloped creature, so it is to my benefit to have help to reach higher levels and without the help, I am completely lost on my own. I tried it and I am empty, as there is nothing there.  So when I listen, I become full or filled up, as it’s hard to explain.


So in short, I’m not sure what my question is, as I am still confused about it all.  I am assuming that you would say consciousness is consciousness and that’s all there is, but why does it seem as though the higher is not me and the lower is me?  I cannot seem to be what the higher tells me that I am, as there seems to be the two.  I guess that what you were talking about in the two souls Q&A on jiva and Atman.  Can the two ever be ONE in our state of being both a physical and spiritual entity?  So, is this just the way it is for us and the way it will always be?  Can anyone with a material body have the two as ONE?  I don’t think we could survive physically, could we?  Or maybe my level is just so low, I cannot conceive of this and it might be possible?  Is this what is called enlightenment?  But don’t the enlightened still have to deal with this dual soul?  I don’t know …. just thought I would ask.


Until our small individuality throws off its limited and mistaken notions of who it thinks it is, it is natural for it to feel lost and empty in relation to its higher Self. However, as consciousness refines, ones’ locus of identity, or sense of “me,” shifts from the small ego self to the universal unbounded Self, or Atman. As that unfolds, you don’t have to try to be some ideal of spirituality of your higher Self, you just are. It’s not a function of will, aspiration or understanding—it’s is your true living breathing being. That state of enlightenment is the full awakening of the jiva to its real status as Atman. So the living of the two while still in a physical body is not only possible, it is our birthright. This integrated state of being where one lives universality in individuality is even called jivatma in Sanskrit, or jivan mukti which means life in complete freedom which still in the body.



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