November 13, 2020
Ask Deepak

Helping Others.


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Dear Deepak, I liked very much your article about worrying. I just have one question that may turn to be a whole new topic, but considering what you wrote there, I’d like to ask you – how do we know when we have done all we can to help the people we’re worrying about? Where and who draws that line? Because I feel as if there is always what more to be done – and more and – and this tiny voice inside that’s saying that you haven’t done enough… For example – relatives who are financially bad – very bad – so – do I have to feel guilty about me – having more than them – and do I have to share what I have with them – this is in general I mean. Because I don’t want to feel guilty that I can afford to buy myself something for fun for instance, knowing that they don’t have that chance and thinking that if I gave this money to them instead of buying for me – would be better. Things like these. How and when do we know when if we have done enough? Another situation – a person that is not very healthy – a very close one – you’ve tried to make them look for alternative way to feel better and eventually cure themselves – but they don’t hear, or you know they’re in a bad company – it’s all about adult people – and still they are not able to see it. So, when do we give up on them – figuratively – and hope and trust they’ll be ok? How do we know we have done enough? I’ll appreciate very much if you can help me with this!


Helping other people is an expression of the fullness we feel inside, and in that sense when we give to others we are giving of ourselves back to ourselves. That feeling of giving freely and joyfully should be the real basis of knowing where to draw the line. If you let your sense of guilt or obligation drive your decision, then you will be trying to fix the past in the present, and that never works.



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