June 8, 2021
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Helping Africa.


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Sir, My question to you is the following.  I am married and the mother of a soon-to-be two year old baby boy. I lead a quiet, modest and peaceful life. Though my life makes sense to me I feel I could contribute more and would like to become active in fieldwork in Africa. This thought has been growing over the past three years. I have some prior experience in Senegal but were I to get more fully involved my decision would obviously profoundly affect my family’s world and future. I feel everything is possible and I believe people can adapt to any situation. Yet I do not want to be careless and/or selfish in imposing my choice on others…What should I do then? stick to what is and make the most of it as I have always done or risk everything no matter what. I’ve been waiting for “signs” to direct me but I sometimes fear interpreting events in the wrong way.


Wanting to go do fieldwork in Africa is a noble calling, and given your past connection there and your continued interest, this is apparently an important connection for you to honor. However, with an infant at home and your other family responsibilities, fieldwork is probably not practical at this time. But if you have internet access and a contacts with people there in Africa, there is still a tremendous amount of good you can do for them without leaving home. Think creatively along these lines and you should be able to satisfy your desire to do valuable service for Africans while you take care of your family.



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