May 20, 2013

Heart Choices.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


Is it possible to live everyday by making choices mostly from my heart? It’s a great tool but I'm still a bit apprehensive.


Yes, it is possible to make everyday decisions from your heart. But that means common sense and intelligence is still a large component of your heart’s guidance. People often assume that following one’s heart is reacting to events based on an emotional like or dislike. If that were the case, then you would be right to be apprehensive about such a fickle decision making process. Listening to your heart in guiding life decisions requires a deep self-awareness that can recognize that subtle impulse of direction in the heart that incorporates the full spectrum of our knowingness, including our rational mind, our intuition, our instincts and our compassion.


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  1. Isabella Wesoly

    I make art from my feelings by taking an image, be it a cloud, flower or even a dead rhino (I was extremely upset here). My emotions are turned around positively through my creative abilities.

  2. Pch19Philippe

    The heart is the living centre of everything that we seek in our life. The heart is the centre of the universe, from which the universe is set in motion. Without the heart, there is no love, and without love there is no life. We must awaken love in our heart and allow it to radiate everlastingly. The heart is the seat of innocence, of the life expressed in its essence of love. The heart is joy, selflessness and giving. Creation is manifested from this endless Source, from the living heart, that includes everything and everyone. Its energy is joy, and it is all-powerful and all-knowing. It heals all ills. It vibrates constantly. It upholds all life. It is found in the heart. To open your heart is to unveil life’s essence, to reveal your soul. This is where you’ll find the key.

  3. Pch19Philippe

    The unavoidable path for reaching the inexhaustible reservoir of Source is the path of the heart. The heart is the seat of all possibilities, the place where life is born and where fusion with the Whole is wrought. Living from the heart releases us from the clutches of thoughts, from the bindings of the mind. By bringing down energy from the mind to the heart, and by transmuting it within the space of the heart, the world reacts positively to our requests and desires. Our perception becomes pure and engenders right action. This right action is not of the mind. It is seen, perceived and experienced in each of the body’s cells. With the help of time, consciousness becomes accustomed to this gradual awakening and integrates it little by little. Everything becomes present, conscious and simply alive. When attuned to this level, we live in Total Presence, and the heart expresses itself naturally, in its own truth. The energy of love is revealed in its essence. Our past story becomes entirely diluted in the Presence of the heart and ceases to influence what we are in our essence. I am no longer anything and yet I am everything. My Presence is awakened and is independent from past or future events. Now we can live in the full glory of the human condition. Surrendering to the Presence of the heart is to taste the fruits of life for the first time. Every second is a new adventure. Fears, doubts and anxieties no longer exist. Everything has been given, offered and received by the Divine and diluted in its immense Love. I honour the Presence through my awakening! One thing is sure; the Divine is here at all times to support us, even if we cannot feel it. We have forgotten that we are the Divine and that it is here, in our hearts, awaiting our call to bloom and flourish.

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